Do not judge London escorts

So many people are quick to judge us here at London escorts. I have been with the escort agency for two years now, and I think that I have got the best job in the world. The working hours are good, and every day is not the same. I used to work for this skincare concession in a major London store, and I was on my feet all day. Everyday was very much the same, and it was just push and shove all of the rime. Yes, we have to do the night shift at London escorts, but it is still better than working in a store.

To make a living, and survive in London, you have to work pretty hard. There are lots of people around London who really struggle to make a living and get really stressed out in the process. It is a real rat race and I soon got tired of that. I joined London escorts on a part time basis first of all, but I soon found out that it was what I wanted to do. Like I say to my colleagues at London escorts, I do not have to fight over the next sale, or push products onto people that they don’t really need. If you like, this is a much more honest job.

In many ways working for London escorts has a lot of similarities to working for the skin care concession. You are meeting people all of the time, and you need to get on with them. Having come from that kind of background has helped a lot, and has made me act like a professional. Some of the

girls here at London escorts think it is all about being the perfect sex kitten. However, in reality, it is about a lot more than that.

Lots of the gents that I meet at the London escorts agency are professionals, and I often think that they are not so different from the gents that I used to meet in the store. They used to stop by to buy perfume and stuff like that, and I speak to them in a very similar sort of way. It has helped a lot, and since joining London escorts, I have been on numerous business function dates. At first, I was worried that I would not fit in, but I find that I have fitted in very well indeed.

Not all of my friends know that I work for London escorts. I thought about telling all of them, but I did not think that they would all understand. To be fair, I am not going to work here forever. The money is good so I plan to save it up and get some training. After I leave London escorts, I hope to become a beautician or something like that. It would suit me down to the ground, and I think that I would have the relevant experience for something like that. At the end of the day, we are not all dippy blondes.

Judy Simply Loved Hardcore Sex And She Was Not Ashamed Of It

Hardcore sex is not for the faint of heart, but Judy did not let that stop her from enjoying it every chance she got. Judy simply loved to be pounded hard by large cocks and the more the better! One day Judy was feeling extra horny so she called up a one night stand that she had recently met. He was a big guy with an even larger dick and he knew how to use it.

Judy called Bob over that day but to her surprise, he brought another friend with him. While this shocked Judy, she was more than happy to bring both men into her home. Judy lived alone and her bedroom was full of sex toys and items to make hardcore sex even better. The three all went into the bedroom together, and the men slowly started undressing Judy revealing her very ample breasts. Judy had amazing boobs and this is always the first part of the body guys noticed about her. Bob and his friend who choose to remain nameless started sucking on Judy’s D cup breasts which really turned her on. But what happened next would make her vagina super wet and her nipples really hard!

Bob and his friend each pulled out their cocks and started rubbing them all over Judy’s face. Judy was getting super hot and grabbed Bob’s cock and put it in her mouth. Then Bob’s friend bent Judy over and shoved his massive member deep into her vagina. This made Judy moan with pleasure, and she began sucking Bob’s cock very hard. As Bob’s friend pounded her tight pink vagina, Bob came all inside of Judy’s mouth. Judy let his hot load slide down her throat, and she enjoyed every last drop of it! This made Bob really happy and he was satisfied 100%.

After blowing his load, Bob sits back and watched his friend pound Judy from behind. It wasn’t long before Judy and the hot stud each reached an orgasm. After this hot sex session, the three lovers had some of the best hardcore sex of their life. Now that Judy knows just how great Bob and his friend are in bed, she often asks them over for a super hot time.

Judy has had many lovers before, but Bob and his well-hung friend are two of the best. Judy loves hardcore sex and she is not ashamed of it at all.

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